Each product created by Satoshi Studio will be certified on a blockchain shared with other prestigious brands from the Arianee Consortium.

After each pre-sale campaign, we launch production of the different items. We then store their unique ID on a NFC tag, in a label holder which comes with the shoe. We also include a printed version of this unique ID in the box, for customers who don’t own a smartphone with a NFC reader.

Creation of the satoshi_one NFC holder

At the production level, we create a digital duplicate of the item on the blockchain as soon as it is produced by the factory. It contains also a range of information (date, materials, etc).

When the customer receives the Satoshi_one, he can scan the tag or enter the code in our app which use the Arianee protocol.

The app will then retrieve the smart contract and set him as the owner. After that, if someone else duplicates or scans the code, it will only display the certificate and owner but will not allow anybody else to take ownership. Only the right owner with his wallet and private key can transfer the ownership (for instance when reselling).

It is a classic use of blockchain against counterfeiting and a radically new way to experience ownership.

Your friends don't understand blockchain? The Satoshi_one is a good way to explain. 😉